Impact on Food Prices

Cornell University projects that the cost of eggs and pork along will go up by hundreds of millions of dollars in just the first year.

This will be devastating for low-income families and fixed-income households. Taxpayer funded assistance programs like WIC and SNAP will come under even more strain.

This is a fact that even the supporters of Question 3 acknowledge. They know food costs are going up, because that is the real goal of this amendment.

Anyone who has shopped and reviewed the choices of eggs at their local supermarket has seen the striking difference in prices between regular egg and specialty (e.g. “cage free” or “organic”) eggs.

90% of shoppers purchase regular or conventional eggs, because they are the more affordable option. This is why Question 3 is being proposed. The animal rights group behind Question 3 wants to eliminate the choice consumers are making 90% of the time.

You are not making the choices these groups want you to make, so they’re going to impose their will on you with this new law.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. California tried the same thing, and look what happened to them?